When Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

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Many of us are likely unsure as to when our toothbrush needs replacing. It is not something we spend much time considering. However, once food or drink becomes out of date, what do we do? We throw it out otherwise, it could pose a risk to our health. The same should apply to your toothbrush.
Here, we look at the things that tell you it is time to change your toothbrush and the reasons why.
When To Change Your Toothbrush
When it comes to how often we should replace our toothbrushes, the general advice is every three months. This is because even the best toothbrush will endure wear and tear over time and therefore may provide a less effective clean. The ultimate goal of your toothbrush is to clean bacteria and plaque from your teeth and gums. An old and worn toothbrush cannot do this sufficiently. Once the bristles on the brush become worn, they are substantially less productive.
The signs your toothbrush needs replacing are broken or worn bristles. If the bristles are frayed, are discoloured or fan out, then you will need to replace the brush.
It is not pleasant to think about, but the fact is that germs and bacteria will accumulate on toothbrush bristles. For this reason, a toothbrush should always be replaced after you have suffered a cold or infection. It is also essential to thoroughly rinse your brush after every use and keep it upright and separate from other toothbrushes. If you are travelling, be sure to cover the brush head in transit.
If you do not change your toothbrush as needed and continue to use an older, less effective one, you are posing a risk to your oral hygiene and overall health. Potential health risks if you use an ineffective or dirty toothbrush include:
• Gum damage
• Gingivitis
• Gum disease and infections
• Plaque build-up
• Tooth decay
• Loss of teeth
• Reinfection of a cold or virus
Talk to your dental specialist
For advice on oral hygiene, including the correct toothbrushing techniques and tools, speak with a dental specialist, such as Bourne End Dental. They can advise you on the best tooth care routine for you. It is also crucial to book regular check-ups and hygiene appointments to ensure you achieve the best care for your teeth and gums.
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