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Endodontic treatment is famously difficult, and can put many people off of having essential dental work done. Bourne End Dental is here to talk you through everything you need to know about endodontic work, and how our endodontic Maidenhead services can ease your life.

What does endodontic work do?

Endodontic treatment allows your natural teeth to be preserved, and gives them a breath of fresh air, as it were. Working on the endodontic in Maidenhead, we reinforce the strength and health of your natural tooth, ensuring that you can keep it rather than have it removed.

Bourne End Dental offers expert endodontic treatment for all those experiencing early symptoms of tooth decay, and those who are at risk of losing their natural teeth.

What are the symptoms?

One of the best ways to tell whether or not you need endodontic work is to keep an eye out for the symptoms. Most problems with the teeth begin with an infection of the endodontic system, usually caused by bacterial infection from the bacteria that lives inside your mouth.

 Symptoms of an infection are:

Pain when biting/chewing – if you’re experiencing trouble while eating, or biting down, it may well be a sign of an infection at the endodontic level; Pain when drinking hot/cold beverages – while it’s normal for the teeth to ache when exposed to extreme temperatures on either end, an endodontic infection can cause you to experience pain even when your drink isn’t excessively hot or cold; Loose tooth – this can also be a sign that you should visit a dental professional immediately. Although this tooth concern may appear healed at first, it’s often not, and has instead spread to the root canal, which can only cause more serious problems.

Endodontic treatment in Maidenhead

During your visit, our experts at Bourne End Dental will use X-rays to establish the main cause of your ache. If that proves to be an endodontic infection, we will proceed to remove the bacterial build-up inside the root canal, to ensure the infection cannot spread.

Once the bacteria has been removed, the dentist will reseal your tooth with a crown or filling, and instruct you on future preventive measures to ensure the wellbeing of your teeth.

During the treatment, we will administer a local anesthetic, to minimize the pain you feel, and make the entire procedure more bearable.

Why you should visit a dental professional immediately:

If you’re experiencing any dental discomfort, including (but not only) the above-mentioned symptoms, we suggest scheduling an appointment with Bourne End Dental immediately.

Even if the cause of your discomfort doesn’t turn out to be related to the root canal, the earlier a dental concern is treated, the easier it is to heal. Leaving dental pain and discomfort untreated can result in tooth decay, and eventually even in tooth loss, and surely you don’t want that.

We assure you our endodontic treatment in Maidenhead is second to none. Our team of dental experts is here to put you at ease.

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