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Shaping & Bonding

Our talented dentists can carefully craft your teeth to look natural and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. We can concentrate on a single tooth that you feel needs improving, or multiple teeth at once.

Our tooth coloured fillings are colour-matched to your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. White fillings are stronger and more durable than amalgam (metal) and we use white composite or porcelain restorations.

Composite bonding conserves healthy tissue and naturally strengthens the remaining tooth providing a quick, painless and reversible solution to cosmetic problems, such as gaps, chips and discolouration. Sharp edges can be smoothed, chips restored, uneven teeth levelled up and gaps closed. Layers of super-strong and long lasting, tooth-coloured filling material is perfectly matched and built up to look like natural teeth – with amazing results. 

Do you want to improve your smile with composite bonding? Contact us to find out more or learn more about our other cosmetic dentistry treatments!