My Tooth Pain Will Not Go Away

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One of the most frequent dental issues is tooth pain, which has a wide range of reasons. Tooth decay is the primary cause of most toothaches. This occurs when plaque accumulates on the surfaces of the teeth, creating a favourable environment for bacterial growth. When you eat, these bacteria feed on the food debris left behind and produce an acid that slowly eats away at the surface of your teeth. They become thinner and weaker than usual as a result. There will eventually be a cavity. When this occurs, food fragments may become lodged in the hole and irritate the dental nerve, which may then become painful.

What will the dentist do when my tooth aches?

It’s crucial that we identify the precise reason of your toothache before we can address your discomfort. Numerous conditions, in addition to tooth decay and cavities, can result in ongoing dental pain. These include gum disease, a tooth abscess, a chipped, fractured, or broken tooth, a tooth that has been impacted, and dental inflammation of the pulp.

When their teeth are exposed to hot or cold beverages, some individuals may experience pain. It is possible to relieve dental sensitivity by using a specialised toothpaste or by utilising a prescription medicine. Although your dentist will want to carefully inspect your teeth to decide the best course of action in your circumstance, other treatments may also be helpful. Sometimes, tooth pain isn’t even related to a dental issue.

You may suffer excruciating tooth pain because of medical conditions such a sinus infection. When you visit our clinic for an evaluation, we’ll make sure your tooth discomfort is coming from a dental problem and not a health problem.

If no tooth problem is discovered, you can be given an antibiotic prescription or sent toward your primary care physician.

My tooth is killing me, and my dentist isn’t in. What should I do?

If you have significant symptoms after hours, it may be a concern if your toothache won’t go away. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever, and if necessary, go to the emergency room of the hospital.

 If your face or jaw are swollen, this is very crucial. For the underlying dental problem causing your discomfort to be treated as soon as feasible, you will also need to make an appointment with our clinic as soon as possible.

Even if the pain goes away, you should still get the problem fixed. If left ignored, dental problems can quickly deteriorate and possibly extend to your face, jawbone, and gums.