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Dentist Marlow

Welcome to our modern dentist in Marlow. Here, we provide patients with a selection of dental and oral hygiene treatments immaculately performed by qualified, friendly professionals. 

From routine check-ups to cosmetic procedures, we offer our patients everything they need to maintain a healthy mouth and a shining smile.

Treatments at our dentist in Marlow

Our General dentistry treatments

General check-ups

During your visit to our bespoke dental practice in Marlow, one of our qualified and experienced dentists will examine your mouth, gums, and teeth to determine whether treatment is necessary. 

Usually, they’ll inspect your teeth and check for cavities and infections that may be causing toothache or inflammation. Additionally, your dentist will also take a series of X-rays to ensure your tooth roots are in good condition.

If any problems are found, your dental professional will advise on a suitable treatment to solve the issue, this can. include less serious treatments like fillings, which correct cavities or more invasive procedures, like a root canal procedure to treat infection within a tooth.

Our Marlow dentists will offer advice and answer any questions you have throughout your appointment, to make you feel at ease.

Dental hygiene

Keep your mouth gleaming and clean with our range of oral cleaning treatments, performed by our qualified dental hygienists here at our dentist in Marlow. 

Our dedicated hygienists will use a specialist scale and polish procedure to target any bacterial plaque build-ups that cause gum disease, decay, and bad breath. 

Our experienced professionals are also on hand to provide advice on how to improve your oral health routine and suggest suitable products to use at home that can help. 

Regular dental hygiene appointments maintain the health of our teeth, meaning a reduced chance of requiring major treatments in future.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you’re looking to achieve your perfect smile and make those pearly whites sparkle, our bespoke dentist in Marlow also offers an array of cosmetic dental treatments. 

This branch of dentistry focuses on boosting the overall appearance of your mouth and smile, helping to regain the confidence you may have lost over the years. 

Thanks to revolutionary treatments such as veneers, tooth whitening, and composite bonding, we can help regenerate your smile no matter the current condition of your teeth. For more information, visit our Cosmetic Dentistry page.

Emergency dental appointments

At Bourne End Dental, we strive to provide same-day appointments in the event of an emergency. If you’re experiencing toothache, have a filling that has come loose, or you have damaged or lost teeth in an accident, please call us immediately. 

If you’re in urgent need of an emergency appointment outside normal practice hours, please leave a voicemail message and we will be in touch the following morning.

Book An appointment today

At Bourne End Dental, we perform an elite level of dental treatments here at our dentist in Marlow. If you’re looking for further information or to book a general check-up, please contact our team to speak with a professional and find an appointment date that best suits you.