Handsome man smiles at dental care from Bourne End Dental in Bucks

Bourne End Dental is one of
the largest referral centres
in the region for aesthetic and implant dentistry.


Our price list helps give you an idea of the costs of our different dental procedures. We provide an estimate of the cost of any proposed treatment following your consultation to keep you fully informed at every step. We take great pride in the quality of care we provide and always seek to allow ample time to ensure we offer a relaxed, enjoyable and unhurried service to our patients.

Thorough new patient consultation: £75.00
Routine examination: £44.50
Routine examination 16 - 18 years: £20.00
Single x-ray: £22.00
Bite Wings: £44.00
CT Scan £150.00
Hygienist therapy session: £64.50 for a standard appointment
Fillings: (depending on complexity & materials): from £75.00
Root fillings: from £450.00
Extractions: from £125.00
Extractions - child per tooth: £75.00
Tooth Whitening
Enlighten Evolution3 (in surgery): £650.00
At-home whitening: £450.00
Porcelain veneers: from £700.00
Porcelain crowns: from £700.00
Bridges: from £700.00 per unit
Acrylic dentures: from £350.00
Chrome dentures: from £800.00
Full upper and Full lower dentures: £1500.00

Implants: Placing implants is a highly technical, surgical procedure that is unique to every patient. We recommend you book an initial consultation, after which we will provide you with a detailed report and exact costs. Prices start from £2,450 per missing tooth