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Discover A Stable Future

Anyone who has tried dentures will be thrilled to learn that they are no longer the only choice for replacing missing teeth!

With implant-retained bridges or dentures your new fixed teeth will feel very secure and unlike traditional dentures, they won’t irritate your gums, slip or become loose.

Dental Implants are a great way for you to fill unsightly gaps and are a long lasting alternative to dentures – without any of the clasps and metal work that comes with them.

Some people find dentures hard to get used to and say that their taste is impaired because of the plate. They can also feel loose or wobbly, causing some people to worry that they might fall out at inopportune moments. 

Dental implants can help provide a secure anchor for a denture. A dental implant titanium root replaces the root of your missing tooth and this is fixed securely into your jaw, bonding with your jawbone over time. 

Full and partial dentures, as well as bridges, can be fitted to dental implants so that they feel strong and safe in your mouth. This option also eliminates the need for a plate over your palate, allowing you to taste your food once more.

Dental implants can also improve your appearance and smile because when teeth are lost the jawbone shrinks, causing signs of ageing.

Attractive, healthy teeth that function as they should play an important role in our general health and wellbeing. They help us look and feel confident and allow us to laugh with friends and family anytime and anywhere.

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