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Bourne End Dental offers professional dental services, provided by accredited and experienced dentists, and dental hygienists. Our team of experts has almost 40 years of experience at its back, dealing in this time with any and every dental health situation that might arise. So if you’re looking for dental implants in Maidenhead, then you’re in luck!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Maidenhead are basically teeth replacements – but don’t worry, they are realistic, and made out of only the finest materials, so that no one will be able to tell whether or not you’re wearing an implant.
Generally, dental implants are made from a titanium base, meant to replicate the real thing. This gives the implant the force, and durability of a real tooth, so you don’t have to worry about coming in to replace your implant next year.
The titanium base is then fitted with an artificial tooth that will restore the brightness of your smile, and allow you to go about daily tasks, as usual. If you want our opinion, dental implants in Maidenhead are by far the best option, when it comes to tooth replacement. They are lifelike, and facilitate day-to-day activities like eating, brushing your teeth, and so on.
One of the biggest pros about dental implants is, in our opinion, that you don’t have to keep taking them out of your mouth, and putting them back in.

Why dental implants?

Dental implants are designed to facilitate daily activities, yes, but they also have other benefits for your oral health.
You see, as you grow older, your teeth begin to deteriorate, together with your jawbone (creating that sunken cheeks look we normally associate with older people). Dental implants can help stave off this effect, by supporting the strength of your jaw, and keeping up your full cheeks, and healthy appearance. In time, this can also prevent wrinkles (since these are much more easily formed on sunken cheeks).
Obviously, it will be up to you and your dental expert to determine whether or not dental implants are the right choice for you, but we highly recommend dental implants in Maidenhead as a long-term oral health solution.

Getting Dental Implants in Maidenhead: the procedure

It’s natural to worry about any dental intervention, so we want to walk you through the process for getting dental implants. First, our dental experts will mount the titanium base directly into the jawbone. Don’t worry, they will first administer an anesthetic, so you don’t feel a thing.
After waiting a reasonable amount of time for the jaw to heal, we will come in and mount the tooth itself. Depending on your particular case, your dentist will determine how often you need to come in for check-ups, cleaning, and other maintenance interventions, but after that, you should be good to go!
So you’ve decided, you’d like to try dental implants in Maidenhead? That’s a great idea. Give us a call today, at Bourne End Dental, and we will set up an appointment with one of our dental experts!

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