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Bourne End Dental is one of
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Treatments - Cosmetic

Here at Bourne End Dental we have a reputation for providing exceptional cosmetic care. We consistently provide the highest standard of care and and are renowned as a teaching centre for cosmetic procedures.

Once your teeth are in great shape you may want to consider cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening to brighten your smile or to subtly rejuvenate your appearance by utilising the latest bonding techniques, invisible braces. We have an affordable solution for every desire.

Unsightly metal fillings can be replaced by natural-coloured fillings to improve the look of your smile and allow you to laugh with confidence.

Invisible braces are ideal for adults and children who would like to straighten their teeth, without anyone knowing they are wearing a brace. We use Invisalign® braces and Inman Aligners®, which are highly regarded in the industry and can be easily removed for cleaning or eating. We also offer Incognito Lingual® braces, which are placed on the back of the teeth making them completely invisible.

Tooth whitening can brighten stained teeth, discoloured by tea, coffee, red wine or smoking, to give you a more dazzling smile and increase self-confidence. We offer two types of whitening, laser whitening which is carried out in the surgery and the other, in the comfort of your own home.

Home whitening

Your dentist will make mouths guard to fit your teeth precisely and provide tubes of whitening gel which is applied to the mouth guard. The mouth guards are then worn for a few hours each day until the desired shade has been reached.

Laser or power whitening

A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and a bright light pointed at them to speed up the whitening process. The procedure takes approximately one and a half hours.

Veneers provide a wafer thin mask of porcelain to hide discolouration and can be used to close unsightly gaps with minimal work by using contouring and re-shaping. A porcelain veneer is the technical term for what is really a ‘false nail’ for a tooth. Veneers can eliminate twists and turns in the tooth, close gaps, and when used on groups of teeth, dramatically re-model your entire smile.


Protecting, renewing and enhancing your smile

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