5 Good Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth

Reasons to straighten your teeth - Bourne End Dental

Beyond just giving you a gorgeous smile, teeth straightening has many other advantages. You may boost your self-confidence, maintain better oral health, and avoid a host of medical problems by getting your teeth straightened.

What was formerly thought to be a procedure for kids and teenagers is now routine for individuals of all ages. In recent years, millions of British people have chosen to take proper care of their teeth as part of a healthy lifestyle, rejecting the stereotype of having terrible teeth.

However, if you’re still not persuaded, consider these top five benefits of having your teeth straightened:

1. It’s Easier to Clean Your Teeth

Unreachable pockets are created by crooked or overly crowded teeth, making them difficult to clean. There, plaque slowly builds up, and bacterial growth speeds up.

 Cleaning and flossing are simpler with straight teeth. Additionally, there is more space for the brush bristles to reach in between your teeth and thoroughly clean them. You get less cavities and have healthier gums when you properly care for your teeth.

 In the long run, you stop periodontal illnesses (infections of the structures surrounding the teeth), which typically begins with inflamed gums, from developing. Halitosis, or foul breath, which is frequently brought on by poor dental hygiene, can be avoided by maintaining clean teeth.

2. You Increase Your Self-Esteem

In the UK, 40% of people report to being dissatisfied with the way their teeth look. You can’t smile or feel confident about the way you look if your teeth are crooked. Making friends with others around you is more difficult if you feel self-conscious about your teeth.

 By getting your teeth straightened, you’ll be far more likely to have a radiant, healthy smile that will boost your self-esteem. The advantages are clear: you get more self-assurance, which can assist you in finding new acquaintances, enhancing existing friendships, and even advancing your profession!

3. You Chew More Easily

Getting a proper bite is another significant benefit of having your teeth straightened. Chewing and biting require more effort and use of more muscles when teeth are misaligned or don’t meet properly.

As your teeth grind against one another, you cannot eat correctly. This may eventually lead to tooth deterioration. Faster enamel erosion results in pain, sensitivity, and discolouration of the teeth. You can chew and bite properly when you have straight teeth. You don’t experience any pain or discomfort during meals, and you prolong the health of your mouth.

4. Straight Teeth Could Help You Live Longer

Your gums and teeth are protected from microorganisms by having straight teeth, which might help you avoid serious health problems.

According to a 2016 University of Helsinki study, there is a clear link between coronary artery disease and infections of the tooth’s root tip. When the infection is asymptomatic, the risk of acquiring this condition is significantly higher.

In addition, research suggests a connection between lung cancer and gum problems. The likelihood of acquiring lung cancer appears to be 24 times higher in those with severe periodontitis than in people with healthy gums.

5. You Prevent Jaw Strain and Pain

People who have crooked teeth frequently adjust their mouths to correct movements made when speaking or eating. Sometimes, crowded teeth can place more stress on the supporting bone, gums, and jaw. Over time, this may lead to a variety of issues, including chronic headaches, neck pain, and ear pain.

Proper jaw alignment can be attained by getting your teeth straightened. Less tension means that muscles can function properly. No more tightening, grinding of teeth, or discomfort.

Long-term, you’ll feel more at ease as you won’t suffer from headaches or any other pain brought on by excessive strain on your jaw joint. Living healthier and perhaps even longer is made possible by having straight teeth. You’ll feel more at ease when eating and smiling, which will enhance your general quality of life.

There are several advantages to straightening your teeth, and it doesn’t have to be an intrusive process. With the right procedures, orthodontic braces can be made almost invisible.